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Naeymarjr’s follow forever!


here are a bunch of lovely blogs that I follow and love super duper much! thank you guys for being awesome!


barcacat-mox bbyneymarcampnou-scampnouforeverdailyneymar

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Thank you dear!! This is very wonderful, I’m really glad I’m included😊

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I highly recommend you follow the person I reblogged this from.

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If u think someone (me) is cute you should tell them (me)

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Leo and Anto on a jet ski in Capri, Italy.

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Gràcies Puyol
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thiagoseelva: ✿, ✄ 

thaaaaank you loveee you

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bemycescky: Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to your 10 favorite followers. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard, but it will make you feel better. So give it a go for the sake of spreading positivity! :) 

omg idk 

1. Love you and your blog:)

2. I go on vacations tooodaay omg

3. I have a bestfriend since birth basically and the longest we’ve been in conflict was like few hours and even that was in childhood

4. I love Adidas hahaha and Nike too /  my clothes srsly 

5. I loooove animals especially dogs 


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gosialovesbarca: ✿ :) 

aaaw thank you Gosia, I love your blog to lovely :D